Comandi a levetta AVE: ora anche in versione domotica e con tecnologia KNX

Home automation toggle controls are available in AVEbus and KNX versions

New Style 44 and England Style 44 design series welcome the new versions of AVEbus and KNX home automation toggle controls.

AVE toggle controls range becomes even more complete thanks to the new AVEbus and KNX home automation devices, making the best of AVE technological and aesthetic innovation available through the New Style 44 and England Style 44 collections.

After rediscovering the on/off toggle system and making it topical again, AVE projects it into the future by bringing it closer to the world of home & building automation, offering original designs to customize smart systems through three different command lines with coordinated front plates in noble materials:

  • New Style 44: aluminium and glass. Ideal for modern environments, where every detail has to be perfect. Chrome-coloured toggle and ferrule fit on black and white glass front plates, or natural and anthracite brushed aluminium ones.
  • New Style 44: Corian®This collection is dedicated to those who seek true harmony in the purity of colour. The luminous white Corian® of its durable front plates reflects on the toggle controls, that are marked by simple and minimalist geometries.
  • England Style 44: wood. This series is aimed at those who appreciate the quality. The toggles combine with true brass ferrules on natural walnut wood surfaces; while the AVE logo becomes the signature to find in the past a priceless treasure.

For maximum customization, the LED backlight of the toggle can change colour (configurable as blue, green and purple), in addition to the feedback status of the controlled load (red). In this way, depending on the chosen version, it’s possible to report the status of loaded commands, presence of alarms or simply repeat one or more calls, while giving prominence to the system and ensuring full recognition of the controls even in the dark.

In addition to the aesthetics, the AVEbus and KNX home automation toggle controls also stand out for the integrated technology. Most of the buildings and homes’ applications and functions can be controlled: lighting, shutters, alarms, ventilation and air conditioning, energy optimization, scenarios, etc. The KNX toggle controls also introduce the revolutionary multi-action function, which allows you to recall multiple actions simultaneously, as if there was a native scenario in the button.

The home automation toggle controls range represents a precise choice from AVE, to meet the most demanding customers that love the details. In addition to its strong commitment to technology, AVE has focused on aesthetics, proposing refined designs, especially in materials, combining tradition, innovation and, above all, celebrating the personality of those who match them with their home interiors, as a true signature of style.

Light up your style with AVEbus and KNX home automation toggle controls.

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