IP40 consumer units and wall mounted distribution boards

IP40 consumer units and wall mounted distribution boards: aesthetic, functional and resistant solutions of great value

AVE’s range of IP40 consumer units and wall mounted distribution boards can cover all installation requirements in electrical systems, both for aesthetical and technical terms.

IP40 consumer units – AVE MH Series

AVE’s range of IP40 consumer units with Makio Hasuike design is enriched by the innovative variant with white blind door panel, that is available in 8, 12, 24 and 36 DIN modules. This is a classy aesthetic solution to embellish the electrical system, backed up by a design perfectly coordinate with AVE S44 and S45 wiring accessories series, like the entire MH series that have also 4 colours versions – from 5 to 36 DIN modules – with transparent smoked door panel, a particular that allows to see clearly the position of the modular devices and makes the consumer units visible in case of black-out if an emergency lamp is installed inside it. The AVE MH series also stands out for its integrated technical features, allowing to satisfy any installation need within residential electrical systems:

  • an adjustable DIN rail for ensuring a perfect alignment on level of the equipment and the cover. On versions of 24 and 36 DIN rail modules, the same bar is a single block (chassis) that is able to facilitate the wiring and installation operations;
  • on cover’s upper part there is a series of holes that allow sound propagation of acoustic signals;
  • the frame is separated from the DIN rail and is installable when wiring and painting are completed.

The AVE MH series can be installed on both brickwork and hollow walls thanks to a range of dedicated boxes. To facilitate installation operations, the MH series features a complete range of accessories, such as blank insert and adapter for the application of wiring accessories series on DIN rails; while, for maximum customization, AVE can also supply its own consumer units and the relevant front plates customized with specific brand.

IP40 wall mounted distribution boards – AVE Q40 Series

Particularly suitable for the installation of home automation devices thanks to their large internal capacity, IP40 wall mounted distribution boards are characterized by high mechanical resistance, guaranteeing a long lasting life. In fact, this series is made of plastic material (PC/ABS), IK07 degree impact resistant. The Q40 range is made of seven versions from 6 up to 72 DIN modules and thus can respond to the most disparate needs. From the small apartment to the villa, up to the tertiary sector installations, this series is always up to expectations thanks to its innovative and exclusive features:

  • Symmetric reversible door panel with opening up to 180°
  • DIN rails removable separately
  • Side knock-outs cables passage
  • Screw covers for lead sealing
  • Housing for terminal bars

Thanks to the IP40 wall mounted distribution boards, that come alongside the IP65 wall-mounted range, AVE offers a complete, highly specialized, simple and functional solution, which also includes a large catalogue of accessories to satisfy all the installation needs of the residential, tertiary and industrial sector.

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