Light up your style with new “retro” collections

Light up your style with new “retro” collections

New lines with “retro” design are available in three different variants: modern, minimal and classic. Turn on the light and your style.

The innovation restarts from the past. AVE has ever adopted innovative solution: first Italian Company that have introduced the touch technology to electric field, AVE is again innovative reinterpreting the way you turn on the light, today. An original concept, that looks back to the past and forward to the future. It’s born the new AVE “retro” collections: New Style 44 and England Style 44.

In conjunction with the launch of these new designs, AVE presents also the new TEKLA 44, a wiring accessories series characterized by opaque anthracite elements, available also in home automation versions with KNX technology.

The “retro” collections retrieve the ON/OF toggle system, making it topical again: at the three different commands series that compose the range, AVE combines front plates of noble materials. Hidden behind the toggle controls, there are the best of AVE technology: electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status.

The new “retro” collections differ as well as the design and the integrated technology, even for the way they are conceived: three different proposals, each devoted to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting.

Light up your style with:

  • New Style 44: alluminium and glass, the double soul of design. Ideal for simplicity lovers and modern environments, where every detail has to be perfect. Chrome-colored toggle and ferrule fit on black and white glass front plates, or natural and anthracite brushed alluminium ones. The exclusivity of glass and alluminum is an indispensable quality to sign your private space: the missing touch to recover the design of vintage appliances and furniture.
  • New Style 44: Corian, your genuine balance. This collection is dedicated to free spirits, for those who seek true harmony in the purity of colour. The Corian luminous white of solid and durable front plates is reflected on the toggle controls marked by simple geometries. A modern evolution for genuine and minimalist open spaces.
  • England Style 44: wood, the classic becomes eternal. Available also in traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames, this series is aimed at those who appreciate the quality and are looking for a noble detail to customize their classic or retro interiors. The true brass toggle are embedded in natural walnut wood surfaces; the AVE logo becomes the signature to find in the past a priceless treasure.

All three proposals of retro range are available for both round and rectangular flush mounted boxes and meet the needs of the wider international market. In addition, not only the switches but also the shuko sockets recover the same innovative design, allowing architects and designers to propose aesthetically coordinated and complete solutions. The retro range combines with Domus wiring accessories series, for those who want white elements, and TEKLA 44, the latest AVE wiring accessories series that increases flexibility, offering all Sistema 44 solutions in opaque anthracite grey coloration.

The retro range is the result of a precise choice: AVE meets the needs of the most demanding customers. The best technology combines with unprecedented aesthetics and valuable materials: past and present, tradition and innovation blend together to enhance all lifestyles.

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