New DALI® lighting interface for home automation

New DALI® lighting interface for home automation

AVE presents a new home automation interface that allows the AVEbus system to communicate with DALI® and DMX-II or DMX512 lighting bus.

Continuously expanding, the DOMINA plus home automation range adds a new device that makes possible the switching on/off and adjustment of DALI® and DMX-II or DMX512 lighting fixture via AVEbus devices.

This is possible thanks to the new 4-modules 53AB-LIGHT home automation interface, that is designed to perform the function of a gateway between the AVEbus system and the above-mentioned lighting bus. In fact, the 53AB-LIGHT device is able to bi-directionally convert some choosable information that transit on the home automation AVEbus (coming from the command devices or the supervisors) and retransmit them on the lighting bus.

The default operating mode (DALI or DMX) is defined by the placement of a supplied hardware jumper. Furthermore, it’s possible to force a specific mode – regardless of hardware jumper’s position – by modifying the programming.

The 53AB-LIGHT device also acts as a configuration interface for the main DALI® lighting bus parameters, allowing the user to exploit the same software application both to configure AVEbus devices and to configure addresses, groups and scenes of the DALI® lighting bus.

The launch of the 53AB-LIGHT interface confirms AVE’s aptitude to interpret at the best the evolving needs of home automation market. DOMINA plus home automation boasts a wide and complete range of devices that allow it to respond at today’s requests of professional world, providing high-quality solutions such as the new 53AB-LIGHT gateway.

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