Access Control Keypad for AVE Hotel Management

Access Control Keypad for AVE Hotel Management

An extremely flexible and secure device; ideal for unmanned facilities, such as holiday homes or guest houses, but also for shops and offices.

The stand-alone AVE Domina Hotel management system has been enhanced with a new numeric keypad for access control. Equipped with a 12-button touch numeric keypad with RGB backlighting, it offers advanced access control, with codes that can also be programmed remotely.

It’s a very versatile product. It can be installed in various environments: small hotels, manned B&Bs, but it finds its ideal use in unmanned facilities such as holiday homes or guest houses, where the access code to the facility is usually sent to the user by e-mail to confirm the booking. It can also be used for access management in offices and shops, and has various applications in the service sector. Another advantage of the device is its small size, which allows it to be installed in rooms where space is limited.

The keypad must be integrated into stand-alone systems and monitored by a web server. In this way, in addition to the complete management of all the AVEBus automation functions, it’s possible to generate user codes for opening the gate. The keypad can be integrated into a system where the new AVEBus card readers are present, supervised by a web server, in order to meet all the needs of accommodation facilities. Device configuration is simple and intuitive, supported by the EasyConfig solution for smartphones.

The AVE numerical keypad offers a high level of security for access control: the supervisory web server is always listening and only allows the gate to open if the numerical code entered on the keypad is valid. The electrical lock contact can be installed either on the keypad, using the keypad’s on-board output, or on a remote actuator, further increasing the security level of the facility.

At any time, hoteliers can connect to their system via the free AVE Cloud service, which can be accessed via both web and app, allowing them to:

  • generate or delete numeric codes;
  • consult the event log;
  • manage automation functions in the facility.

The system can also be managed through the Wi-Fi touch screen monitors of AVE’s 2-wire and IP video intercom systems, which also allow local response to the video intercom call and remote response via app. Thanks to the AF927 anti-intrusion system, the building can also be effectively protected even when it is closed.

New AVE numeric keypad: just one code to simplify your work.

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