AVE S44 chronothermostat with plate-lined installation

AVE S44 chronothermostat with plate-lined installation

A professional solution with a new display, that guarantees a final plate-lined effect in order to maximize the electrical system’s aesthetics.

AVE presents the new S44 electronic chronothermostat (code 44.CRT3), a cutting-edge product both from the design – with plate-lined installation – and technological points of view, with features in line with the evolution of market.

Compared to the previous version (code 44.CRT), the new AVE S44 chronothermostat has been completely redesigned:

  • naturally maintaining the maximum precision in the room temperature detecting and the same main features of the previous model: remote control, three sets (T1-T2-T3) of temperature, multilingual and anti-limescale function. The cleaning function and holiday program have also been added;
  • the display has been improved: the product provides optimal visibility of the information reported in all lighting conditions.

This is a Class II (double insulated) device, powered by 230V. It guarantees the main functions (summer/winter / antifreeze) for controlling the room temperature (heating and air conditioning). The front buttons are backlighted so as to ensure the end user maximum recognition of the commands even in the dark. The technical characteristics are of the highest level: it’s relevant the presence of a contact for remote control and a switching contact – max 5A 250V.

The new AVE chronothermostat is available in the main colours of S44 wiring accessories series. It’s a professional solution that meets the needs of the sector by combining multiple improvements at a competitive price (even compared to the previous version). It’s a highly aesthetic product, ideal for enhance the thermoregulation functions within residential and commercial electrical systems.

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