AVE S44 high-visibility controls

AVE S44 high-visibility controls

With a brighter gem that emphasizes the light point and its functionality.

The AVE System 44 range has been expanded with the introduction of high-visibility controls, designed to improve their visibility in the dark and further refine the aesthetics of the buttons.

This innovation is underpinned by a high-brightness gem, that can be illuminated by current LED lamps. It features double knurling, an element that gives the buttons a distinctive design and makes the inner part of the control itself as invisible as possible.

AVE’s offerings with high-visibility gems include:

  • Pushbuttons with key, available for the Whitek (code 446005SL), Tekla (code 445005SL), Allumia (code 443005SL), Domus (code 441005SL) and Class (code 449005SL) series;
  • Bipolar switch with key, available for Whitek (code 446010SL), Tekla (code 445010SL), Allumia (code 443010SL), Domus (code 441010SL) and Class (code 449010SL) series;
  • Keys available for Whitek (code 446TSL), Tekla (code 445TSL), Allumia (code 443TSL), Domus (code 441TSL) and Class (code 449TSL) series.

For all the functions that require specific symbology, new keyless controls are also available: switch 1P 250V 10AX (code 445001ST), diverter 1P 250V 10AX (code 445002ST) and pushbutton 1P 250V 10A (code 445005ST). They can be used in conjunction with keys with symbologies of the Tekla, Whitek and Allumia series and can be complemented through all keys with illuminated gem also for Domus and Class series.

With the high-visibility S44 controls, AVE confirms its commitment to combining functionality and aesthetics. With the introduction of the high-luminosity gems, the keys not only become more visible and recognizable in low-light conditions, but also add a touch of style to the light point.

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