Lighting too becomes smart with AVE

Lighting too becomes smart with AVE

Through DOMINA Smart home automation the lights can be managed intelligently, with different solutions dedicated to energy saving.

With AVE the light isn’t just on or off. It’s technical, adjustable, portable and reliable. You can manage the light intensity through the dimmers and enrich the system with many solutions, such as anti-blackout lamps, extractable torches and step lights. Thanks to DOMINA Smart home automation you can enjoy maximum comfort and minimizing energy waste: the light stays on only when needed. It’s activated only if strictly necessary, depending on the presence of people and the amount of natural light present in the room. Through the “Luce Amica” device it’s in fact possible to detect the movement of a person and check if the amount of light is insufficient, consequently turn on the artificial lighting only when it’s strictly and truly necessary. Outside, you can decide to have the lights turn on automatically: in the presence of people or based on the amount of detected light (twilight function). In this way you will always have the perfect light at any time of the day, avoiding wasting energy.

The DOMINA Smart home automation system allows you to manage the lights of the entire home from the Touch Screen or comfortably from a smartphone. Even when away from home, you are able to see which lights are on or off and govern them as if you are in front of the relative switch, with the possibility of adjusting the brightness. Through the Scenarios function it’s possible to time or customize the turning on the lights according to your habits. You can create planned home automation scenarios (according to an hourly, weekly or monthly cyclical schedule) or automatic scenarios that will be activated based on where you are located, using the geo-location of mobile devices enabled with the AVE Cloud app. For example, moving away from home the dedicated “Exit” scenario can be activated completely automatically: DOMINA Smart home automation will lower the shutters, turn off the lights, close the water and gas valves, regulate the temperature and activate the anti-theft system. Each scenario can be customized from the Touch Screen or through the AVE Cloud app and can be easily recalled from every corner of the house: from the controls located in the different rooms, from the Touch Screen supervisors themselves, through an infrared remote control, or comfortably from a smartphone, tablet or pc.

Voice Assistant for Ave Home automation

DOMINA Smart is compatible with the main Voice Assistants and allows you to manage through voice all the home automation functions (such as lights, temperature, shutters, sound diffusion, ventilation, irrigation, …), scenarios, routines and the entire IoT ecosystem that can potentially be created in the home.

Thanks to the innovative AVE home automation energy saving device you can obtain a separate management of loads activation (by a timer) allowing to exploit the various contractual formulas currently on the energy market. Using this device, DOMINA Smart also allows you to constantly view the consumption of electricity, water and gas directly from the Touch Screen supervisors. So you can notice leaks or dispersions, before they translate into problems with higher intervention costs.

With AVE home automation, the house becomes increasingly technological and on a human scale, full of functions dedicated to energy saving and intelligent management, where lighting too becomes smart.

NOTE: It requires an Internet connection. Controlling certain devices and features requires a compatible smart device. Controlling devices such as home appliances requires compatible smart plugs, devices and/or switches. Subscriptions may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply; they don’t depend on AVE S.p.A. AVE S.p.A. declines any responsibility regarding the internet connection because service’s supply isn’t its competence. AVE S.p.A. disclaims any responsibility related to the incorrect use of the AVE Cloud and AVE Connect services. We recommend to contact a professional in order to achieve a perfectly done system’s configuration.

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