New card readers for AVE DOMINA Hotel Management

New card readers for AVE DOMINA Hotel Management

Big news in AVE’s stand-alone hotel management system: the new internal and external room card readers become AVEBus devices.

The new card readers for Hotel Management of the ‘traditional’ wiring accessories series (codes 44xAB-LE, 44xAB-LI) and the AVE Touch series (codes 442ABTC-LE) can now be used in a system with AVEBus infrastructure, making installation even easier. Thanks to the AVEBus system, it’s possible to create an installation with free wiring, eliminating the need for classic ‘in/out’ wiring.

The new card readers are equipped with “Distributed Logic Intelligence“, which makes it possible to manage the on-board inputs and outputs according to the system requirements, which vary according to the structure in which they are installed. The devices can be configured either with the technical software SFW-BSA for PCs or with Easy Config for smartphones; simplicity is one of the added values of the AVEBus system, allowing to obtain high quality results. The integration of the card readers with the AVEBus protocol also allows the management of commands and scenarios according to specific conditions defined during the system configuration phase.

Access management security has been a top priority in the development of the new units. To this end, an optional web server supervisor has been implemented, which is always active and can support the main readers with additional control tools. This system is able to check that the card presented to the readers is still valid and to grant or deny access to the gate, as well as managing authorised loads. Great attention has also been paid to the security of the hotel: the installation of the AF927 anti-intrusion system makes it possible to maintain total control even during periods of closure, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises when the hotel reopens.

In addition, system functions can be easily viewed and managed via the Wi-Fi touch screen monitors of AVE’s 2-wire and IP video intercom systems. These monitors also allow video intercom calls to be answered both locally and remotely via a dedicated app.

Management of the system by the hotelier is also an important innovation. Through the web pages generated by the web server supervisor device, it’s now possible to view the system status, access the various functions and control the anti-intrusion system from a computer via a web page or directly from a mobile device using the free AVE Cloud application. All from wherever the hotelier is.

The new card readers are available in all the colours of the S44 wiring accessories series and are compatible with all the S44 front plates, both traditional and Ave Touch, manufactured by AVE.

New readers and new AVE stand-alone system: simplicity and versatility now become AVEBus.

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