New room probes for AVE home automation

New room probes for AVE home automation

There are two important new products for AVE home automation: a room temperature probe and a temperature/humidity one, that are both designed to ensure maximum living comfort and energy savings.

Our well-being and living comfort are influenced by environmental factors: air conditioning and air quality are certainly the most important. It is therefore essential to better manage and monitor the environments in which we live. To meet this need, AVE has created two new devices, that enrich the AVEbus Professional Home Automation ecosystem:

  • the room temperature probe (code 44XABTM-SO): it integrates into the AVEbus ecosystem with all the logics of a thermostat. In just one module, it allows you to control thermoregulation in advanced home & building automation systems;
  • the room temperature and relative humidity probe (code 44XABTMH-SO): in addition to the chronothermostat logics, it allows you to implement relative humidity monitoring. This device guarantees living comfort and manage thermoregulation in advanced home automation systems. Combined with the dehumidification actuator (code 53ABRTH) and the pump control module (code 441ABRTHP), it allows management of the relative humidity in the rooms in which it is installed.

The new AVE home automation room probes allow the direct connection of an additional temperature probe (NTC) to be managed as an alternative detection point or as an additional detection point to take the average. Furthermore, both have an input for the window’s opening and consumptions’ optimization.

In order to adapt them to the system aesthetics, they are supplied with front panel coordinated with the AVE S44 wiring accessories series (Domus, Life, Allumia, Tekla and Class).

By the two new room probes, AVE home automation expands its possibilities for the creation of advanced home & building automation systems, capable of monitoring environmental factors and conforming them to obtain the best living comfort.

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