SOLITAIR PLUS: the AVE CMV of new generation

AVE launches an innovative highly efficient decentralized heat recovery CMV unit with alternate single-flow, remote control and simplified maintenance.

SOLITAIR PLUS is the AVE CMV of new generation. This product is designed to meet the modern needs of the market and the end user. It’s a ventilation unit for residential use (code VNRD150ECP) that defines an innovative and reliable alternate single-flow decentralized CMV system with heat recovery, which guarantees up to 82% of actual efficiency, a perfect ventilation of the premises (preventing the formation of mold and condensation) and very low energy consumption, thanks to its EC brushless motor with long-life ball bearing.

The design front cover and the body are made of high quality ABS and represent an added value for installation opportunities, making SOLITAIR PLUS the ideal solution for noble environments such as bedrooms, living rooms and open spaces with areas up to 45 m2. On the machine there are also a multicolor LED and a backup touch button. The ABS external grille is treated to withstand intact over time; it’s also equipped with an anti-insect net and a water drip guard, that prevents the accumulation of humidity on the walls.

SOLITAIR PLUS is a human-sized product with degree of protection IPX4, made in double insulation (doesn’t require grounding) for maximum safety. Another peculiarity of this CMV unit is that it doesn’t require condensate drain hoses. A single hole on a perimeter wall is sufficient to install the telescopic tube (Ø 159mm – adaptable to the thickness of the wall), thus avoiding splits for drainpipes and greatly reducing both installation times and costs for the end user.

Supplied together with its relative support base, the IR remote control with touch technology is one of the great pluses of this CMV, allowing total control of the unit with the possibility of selecting 5 continuous speeds, directing the air flow (alternate, extract only, intake only), activate the free-cooling, comfort or efficiency modes, manage the filters reset, OFF position and boost speed.

Another important advantage of the AVE CMV SOLITAIR PLUS is simplified maintenance, which does not require specialized personnel, but can be carried out by any user without the need to disconnect the power supply. In fact, the VNRD150ECP unit boasts a support base that facilitates maintenance operations: in this way both the ceramic core of the regenerative heat exchanger and the internal double dust filter (which ensures optimal filtration of both incoming and outgoing air) are easily removable and cleanable.

The AVE CMV SOLITAIR PLUS is able to work continuously (24 / 24h) expelling the stale air and introducing the clean air taken from the outside. By alternating these operations with an interval of 70 seconds, the VNRD150ECP unit ensures perfect ventilation of the internal rooms by limiting the thermal dispersion through the regenerative heat exchanger; crossing the duct the extracted air transfers its thermal energy to the high efficiency ceramic core which, in turn, returns it by heating the inbound air.

To guarantee maximum flexibility of use, it’s possible to automatically modulate the duration of the flow inversion time – so as to not have a 70 seconds fixed duration in input and 70 seconds in extraction – but, thanks to a temperature probe on the ventilating unit, it’s possible to set a modulation ranging from 120 seconds up to a minimum of 40 seconds. The fan unit is also equipped with an integrated humidity control, as well as an anti-freeze protection, which avoids the formation of ice on the heat exchanger during the coldest months.

The AVE DomusAir range dedicated to residential ventilation becomes even more complete and innovative with SOLITAIR PLUS. AVE has created a highly efficient CMV system with very low energy consumption. A easy solution to install, use and maintain, ideal for perfect ventilation of the rooms and to guarantee air quality in different living contexts.

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