Sustainability: AVE is an increasingly green company

Sustainability: AVE is an increasingly green company

AVE has made ecological and sustainable choices for the environment, as the use of renewable energy and the implementation of processes and technologies for energy saving.

AVE has always had a special relationship with innovation, both as regards the production of solutions for the electrical and electronic market, and at corporate level in the creation of a business where respect for the environment it’s an integral and fundamental part. In this sense, AVE has made precise choices, aimed at promoting sustainability and strengthening an eco-friendly business development.

Today AVE is powered entirely by green electricity, with a supply contract that guarantees its origin only from certified renewable sources. At the same time, in order to maximize energy savings, the production processes are being rationalized and implemented with machinery that adopt the best technologies to reduce consumption. In addition, the entire company is gradually leading to the adoption of high efficiency temperature control systems and LED lighting systems.

To encourage green mobility, a charging station for electric vehicles was made available to employees and visitors in the AVE Italian headquarters (Rezzato, Brescia). This solution, in combination with the supply of green electricity, potentially makes it possible to put zero-emission vehicles on the road every day. To seal the bond that unites AVE with the environment, at the Brescia headquarters, there was created a garden corner which constitutes a small green lung in the Company. The entire factory is also literally surrounded by hedges and trees that cover a large part of the perimeter of the headquarters.

Each ecological choice represents a step towards a more conscious sustainability. For this reason, for several years AVE has adopted a separate waste collection program aimed at reinforcing the correct treatment for all types of waste. Since 2019 AVE has introduced a new packaging for its products: more robust, resistant and, above all, ecological and recyclable. To achieve it, thicker papers – produced with 100% recycled fiber – and water-based inks – without resins and solvents – are used, so the AVE packaging can be recycled in turn.

AVE’s commitment to the environment is a concrete expression of a strongly bond with the territory, the people and a style of work made of precise choices, where sustainability is an integral and fundamental part.  AVE innovation is also that: an increasingly green and future-oriented vision.

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