The Hotel Show: great success for AVE at the Dubai fair

The Hotel Show: great success for AVE at the Dubai fair

Innovation, technology and design: AVE format conquers The Hotel Show, the important Dubai exhibition dedicated to hospitality.

Dubai, 16-18 September, 2018. The Hotel Show people welcomed the product news presented by AVE, which enjoyed great success during all fair’s days.

Hosted in the fascinating Dubai World Trade Centre, The Hotel Show has been a real opportunity for AVE to bring new ideas in the hospitality field and, at the same time, to promote “Made in Italy” as international heritage. Now in its 19th edition, The Hotel Show has in fact accompanied over the years the growth of Dubai as symbol of hotel innovation. In this context, AVE hotel automation proposal presented visitors a vision of the infinite possibilities offered by technology today.

Energy savingssmart automations, interfacing with booking software, with Fire Detection system, temperature control, and various proposals in the field of ventilation are just some of DOMINA Hotel features. Thanks to transponder card readers that “talk” with the hotel management software through special room control units, the hotelier is able to know at any time if the customer is inside the room, if the room has already been straightened and where are his employees. Directly from the front desk he can remotely manage air conditioning systemslights and supervise every room in order to make unforgettable guests’ stay.

AVE always combines advanced technology with unique aesthetic, symbol of Italian quality and prestige. Therefore, among The Hotel Show protagonists there were also the revolutionary AVE collections dedicated to the control of automations and functions integrated within the buildings. Among the proposals there was the innovative Ave Touch system, which hides advanced actuators behind elegant glass, aluminium or moulded front plates. In this case, simply by touching a surface guest can set lights or activate automations, while by placing his card on external card readers he can enter into different hotel environments.

The great success achieved at the Dubai fair has represented a new prestigious goal for AVE, that continues to promote technological progress in order to make hotels a safer, more comfortable and optimized places.

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