With completely renewed aesthetics, the new version of the Domina Plus domotic system is innovative also from the functional viewpoint.

The sophisticated DOMINA PLUS domotic system from AVE is joined by a new highly aesthetic, reliable and functional solution, where unique design is combined with advanced technology to improve the quality of life in all parts of the home.

The distinguishing feature is the elegant display touch screen completely made of a 15” black shiny glass which serves not only a control device for the domotic system but also as an elegant furnishing accessory.

The Domina Plus 15” touch screen can be added to already existing flush fitting colour versions with 12” and 5.7” displays which provide visualisation and interactive management of all the information concerning the state of the domotic system by means of graphic maps which show images of the various locations on which the icons for the functions to be controlled are positioned.

Domina Plus 15” is innovative also from the functional viewpoint.
In fact it is the first device in the domotic range from Ave capable of operating as a door videophone entirely integrated with the domotic supervision of the rooms and spaces.
Communication is based on the international VoIP standard which makes it possible to configure an IP video entryphone simply and quickly.
When the doorbell is rung a connection with an external post which interacts with a person is activated via the network.
The audio bar fitted with microphone and speakers positioned in the lower part of the touch screen makes it possible to communicate with the external user.

Domina Plus 15” is also designed for control of numerous domestic functions, such as the regulation of lighting, control of energy saving, temperature control, anti-burglar system, the web cam, sound system, control of technical alarms, supervision of plant, management of loads, irrigation control and external communication via an integrated web server.

The new Domina Plus 15” domotic Touch screen also provides remote control and management of the various domotic functions inside the home by means of any mobile device (smartphone and pc) which has an internet browser installed.

This service makes use of an external server, thus increasing its security, and becomes an important instrument for supervision of the home. It enables you to monitor the state of the various devices in operation (lighting, temperature regulation, anti-burglar, etc.) at all times.

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