Which touch are you?

Which touch are you?

AVE offers three different lines of front plates with touch technology. Glass, aluminium and moulded: which touch are you?

Aligning with the contemporary trend that has made familiar the “touch” technology in everyday life, AVE was the first Italian company that apply it to the electricity sector bringing it into houses. The Ave Touch system has grown over the years, offering increasingly diverse design solutions capable of integrating perfectly with all types of environments.

You can choose Vera Touch where the precious exclusivity of glass is declined in five colour variants. Clear white, clear absolute black, clear gold, frosted silver grey and frosted water green; five colours for a prestigious interior architecture, where every detail must be unique and distinctive. To make your rooms even more extraordinary, Vera Touch front plates are available – upon request – even in the exclusive aesthetic design signed by Giugiaro Architettura.

Dedicated to those who appreciate the material elegance, Allumia Touch improve the concept of interior design and combines touch technology with natural and anthracite brushed aluminium. Technology is also an aesthetic choice, as Allumia Touch, a high-profile option, suitable for any location.

Addressed to a wider range of customer, Young Touch is the innovative AVE’s proposal to build a smart home. The moulded line is declined in 15 colour’s variants with exclusive 3D effects. Thanks to its ultra-thin design and affordable price, this product range stands out from current market’s proposals. Available also in the traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames, Young Touch expands and completes AVE Touch system.

Vera Touch, Allumia Touch and Young Touch are different in their materials and finishes, but the same in their reliability, technological core, always evolving in the research centres of AVE. Three different plates’ ranges that can satisfy all the tastes of different customer targets. Which touch are you?

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