Lettore per hotel personalizzato con controlli touch Prese elettriche per bagno del B&B Lettori di card per hotel al Borea Luxury B&B Lettore card per hotel AVE con placca bianca coordinata al resto dell'impianto elettrico Termostato, lettore e interruttori AVE serie Domus 100 Touch Screen della domotica AVE con gestione della diffusione sonora Interruttori multi-touch AVE in vetro nero assoluto con 6 comandi Interruttori con design bianco Domus AVE Borea Luxury B&B - Referenza domotica AVE Lettore di card per hotel e B&B AVE Vip System Touch Placca touch a 12 comandi AVE Domotica AVE DOMINA - Touch Screen interattivo
Hotel and B&B

Borea Luxury B&B – Pescara

Borea Luxury is a designer B&B situated in a recently renovated magnificent villa. The facility has adopted AVE home automation to offer guests only the very best quality standards. The distinctive feature is the elegant 15” DOMINA plus touch screen display from which the owner can control every space.

Vip System Touch readers with customised glass front plate installed outside the rooms allow to easily and automatically manage functions related to access, occupational status and “do not disturb” signs. These devices are studied to improve services dedicated to guests, besides enhancing room aesthetics.

Moreover, every room has internal card readers in the white version Domus Touch, Wiring Accessories Series AVE that also characterises all other elements in the rooms. Front plates have been chosen from the Vera 44 range, which perfectly matches the Vera Touch controls that are also inserted in the multi-touch variant, in clear white glass. Instead, for common areas the has fallen on clear black combined with the Wiring Accessories Series Life Touch.