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Hotel and B&B

Chef’s House Cafè – Sommacampagna (VR)

The Chef’s House Cafè inaugurates a new refined concept of hospitality thanks to AVE Hotel Management solutions. Located in Italy, this building integrates a modern access control system, with internal and external card readers for rooms.

Both solutions offer maximum reading reliability and therefore security: upon recognition of an authorized card, the former enable room services, while the latter allow the door opening. In this case, the innovative Vip System Touch external readers were adopted: these devices can be customized in terms of aesthetics, are equipped with a touch plate and MIFARE® transponder reader, that is able to manage all the functions related to access, state of occupation and “do not disturb”.

Card readers are accompanied by the revolutionary Ave Touch technology, here combined with glass (Vera Touch) and technopolymer (Young Touch) front plates and with the solutions of the matt black Tekla 44 wiring accessories series.