Interruttore touch con installazione a filo muro Interruttori AVE Multi-Touch con placca in vetro nero assoluto Multi-Touch AVE con placca in vetro Placca Ave Touch a tre comandi filo muro Supervisore Touch Screen della domotica AVE Punto luce AVE filo muro Sistema antifurto AVE Rilevatore antintrusione AVE Interruttori Ave Touch filo muro Presa di corrente AVE da bagno Touch Screen domotica AVE DOMINA Smart Comandi Multi-Touch AVE con placca in vetro nero Interruttore Ave Touch con placca in vetro a tre comandi Comandi touch domotica AVE con installazione a filo muro Interruttore Ave Touch Placca per interruttori da esterno Villa residenziale con domotica AVE - Modena

Villa – Formigine (MO)

Located in the province of Modena, this Italian villa preserves its past within the walls, while welcoming the present thanks to the most advanced technologies of AVE home automation. Among the large spaces and the frescoes that characterize this home, in fact, the automations make every environment smart.

Through the DOMINA Smart Touch Screen supervisors it’s possible to manage every function: from lights to temperature control, as well as the anti-intrusion system, supported by AVE detectors. The AVE Vera Touch and Multi-Touch glass front plates give a new contact with the rooms, embellishing the aesthetics of the system as real integrated furnishing elements.

In fact, the touch controls allow you to manage the lights and interface with the other components of the home automation system through a simple touch. The modular Multi-Touch version, in particular, makes available up to six independent controls and offer various customizations according to different living needs.

The remote control through the Ave Cloud app and the compatibility with the most popular Voice Assistants further expand the possibilities of interaction with AVE home automation and the home, which becomes increasingly smart and ready to meet every need.