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Hotel and B&B

Gioberti Art Hotel – Rome

Art and design, culture and innovation, Gioberti Art Hotel of Rome, redefines the very notion of hospitality through an innovative concept, a space where the living room offers the opportunity to experience art and high comfort standards.

AVE’s automation proposal for hotels merges into these environments as the control room of the facility. Directly from the computer at the reception, operators can control every component that is connected to the hotel network to ensure high quality service for guests.

From the cutting edge room access system Vip System Touch, which allows to enter the room by merely touching a surface with a card, to technological thermostats with integrated environmental probe, each connected device can be managed from remote, ensuring the structure total control of the hotel and enhanced safety for guests.

While the paintings and sculptures divide the environments and enhance this facility with exclusive features, AVE “Vera 44” front plates in the Wiring Accessories Series LIFE Touch and Domus Touch surround the switches and power outlets, characterising the overall design with a modern touch.

Situated a short distance from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Gioberti Art Hotel is a modern concept hotel where AVE’s DOMINA Hotel automation have expanded the functions and services offered to guests.