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Hotel and B&B

Farmhouse Villa Trovatore – Cervignano del Friuli (UD)

AVE steps in stylishly into one of the most fascinating hospitality facilities in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Situated in the midst of Friuli’s oldest parks, the farm holiday resort Villa Trovatore offers a unique view to be admired and rooms fitted with every comfort.

Part of a fully renovated 17th century setting, this facility has chosen the cutting-edge hotel management system DOMINA Hotel automationAVE have turned the reception into a genuine interactive control station to control rooms, manage bookings and ensure guests a service that always meets expectations. To access room services, guests have to merely insert the card in the dedicated reader. From that moment the room will start changing based on personal needs, avoiding pointless wastage of energy when the guest is absent.

Inside the rooms, which are studied to the last detail, we find Personal front plates combined with the Wiring Accessories Series Life and Domus Touch by Ave, elements that make the control point as precious as an integrated furnishing item.

The farm holiday facility Villa Trovatore has found, in AVE, the ideal partner to ensure that the resort meets all needs. Through design and DOMINA Hotel automation, this facility offers excellent service for guests and optimised functions for owners to save both time and resources.