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Home – Lanciano (CH)

This elegant private home situated in Lanciano, in the province of Chieti, presents the innovative home automation system AVE DOMINA plus to enhance comfort, functional features and safety in every room.

The whole house can be supervised and managed from the Touch Screen station: from the lights to window and door fittings, from temperature regulation to control of electrical loads for energy saving, anti-intrusion burglar alarm system, and video cameras, up to simultaneous management – through the Scenarios function – of the various customised automated systems to create the ideal atmosphere with a single touch.

Ave home automation give their best performance when combined with touch controls. Indeed, the user has only to touch a surface to see the various functions. Vera Touch glass front plates were chosen for  this house to differentiate the colours in each room: clear white, clear absolute black and Pompei Red. Original, modern and casual contact for an avant-garde home.