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Hotel and B&B

Hotel Villa Flori – Como

Directly overlooking the lake, Hotel Villa Flori is a classical facility, a place for relaxation inspired by the poetics of Lake Como. Exploiting the advanced hotel management system Domina Hotel, the facility has adopted a modern solution that allows remote monitoring of every room, perfectly merging into the theme of this hotel.

Indeed, the integrated technology reduces the incidence of service failures and wastage without renouncing a design that adapts to the furnishings. The customised external readers can thus be displayed with a refined frame that, besides conveying a touch of elegance, integrates a transponder reader. Instead, clear white Vera front plates in Technopolymer enhance every control point and power outlet with precious features. By choosing AVE, Hotel Villa Flori has adopted solutions that perfectly combine practical features and elegance, the best way to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Lake Como.