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Wine Cellars Villa Rinaldi – Soave (VR)

Exploring the pathways of taste, you cannot fail to be drawn by the scent and pleasure of good wine, perhaps sipped directly where it is produced, aged and becomes precious with the flavours of its land.

Villa Rinaldi Wine Cellars have enhanced the precious traits of their premises by underscoring both the wine stored and the environment where it is stored. This has been achieved by installing DominaPlus system by Ave in the facility. Every room can be supervised and managed independently by creating the preferred conditions. This is a necessity when it comes to precious wines, especially for the influence of light and heat on the maturing process of wine.

The convenient display touch screen also shows the temperature of the rooms, which can be directly changed as desired.

Consistently with good taste, even the precious marble spaces have been modernised with Ave without the separation being felt in any way. The Wiring Accessories Series Domus becomes one of the main elements of the refinement that distinguishes Villa Rinaldi Wine Cellars, which have chosen clear white VERA front plates for a touch of elegance to celebrate wine and its temple.