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House Boat – Puntaldìa (OT)

In the very elegant setting of Puntaldìa (Sardinia) comes House Boat, the innovative apartment designed by the architect Simone Micheli. Dedicated to contemporary man, this original concept integrates AVE technology introducing quality solutions to lead living towards new forms.

Presented to the public during the FuoriSalone 2018 through the virtual exhibition “The Precious Apartment in Puntaldìa”, today this apartment redefines the concept of luxury with a design research aimed at eliminating the superfluous and introducing innovative details. Among these emerge the revolutionary AVE Young 44 front plates, extremely high-quality original moulded surfaces, that are positioned as frame for the sockets and switches AVE Domus 100 in order to creare light points of exquisite exclusivity.

The photographs on this page were made by Juergen Eheim.