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Residenze dell’Olimpo – Milan


Thanks to AVE home automation, the Residenze dell’Olimpo inaugurate a new concept of comfort, sustainability and quality of life. Surrounded by greenery, in a strategically position connected to Milan city center, these self-sufficient and 100% green homes boast home automation on a human scale.

Every function integrated into the system is always accessible thanks to the AVE Cloud app, even when you are away from home. Being compatible with the most common voice assistants, AVE home automation also allows you to launch the various automations also via voice commands, so you can live your home in complete freedom.

AVE home automation is the ideal solution for next generation homes. The Residenze dell’Olimpo in Milan are an example of this. Each environment can integrate many functions, that are designed to increase comfort, safety and quality of life. It’s highly customizable and conformable to any request, supported by AVE designs and cutting-edge technology, always ready to meet every need.


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