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Hotel and B&B

Le Monachelle Luxury B&B – Eboli (SA)

Le Monachelle presents itself as a fully automated Luxury B&B, where luxury and comfort are enhanced thanks to AVE hotel management solutions.

Each room is in fact equipped with a hotel automation system capable of guaranteeing a welcome of the highest level. Access to the rooms is via the advanced AVE card readers, which also manage – in the internal room versions – the activation of the room’s loads and functions, in order to maximize energy savings when the room is unoccupied.

To further corroborate the hotel management proposal of this Luxury B&B is the presence of design solutions that characterize the system with elegant aesthetics, perfectly in line with the style and atmosphere of the rooms. The total white look of Domus 100 wiring accessories is thus welcomed – in alternation – by plastic and wood front plates that offer a refined touch to the electrical system.

A high-tech heart that facilitates its management, a secure and optimized access system; all integrated with a coordinated design that enhances its functionality. This is the reality of Le Monachelle Luxury B&B, that aspires to new standards of comfort and hospitality thanks to AVE technology.