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Hotel and B&B

Residence Palazzo Brenzoni – Verona

AVE hotel automation and design characterize the rooms of the Residence Palazzo Brenzoni offering an innovative concept of hospitality in Verona. It’s a restored historic building, whose mixture of styles winks at a contemporary approach within a well-kept interior project.

Among works of art and iconic design pieces, AVE Hotel Management solutions are inserted, which through hotel automation assist the management of the structure while increasing the comforts reserved for guests. Each accommodation is equipped with external card readers for opening the entrance door and internal readers for enabling the services. This solution allows to increase the level of security on the one hand, as the cards are exceptionally safe and cannot be cloned, and on the other hand, benefit from net savings, avoiding possible waste of energy when the accommodation is unoccupied.

In terms of design, the system is supported by the white Domus 100 and matt black Tekla 44 wiring accessories series, both “embedded” within the Moulded 44 front plates, whose simplicity discreetly strengthens the building’s revaluation project, while guaranteeing full recognition of commands and functions.