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Villa Torlonia (Parco Poesia Pascoli) – San Mauro Pascoli (FC)

The metal front plates of this system are custom solution, that aren’t produced or marketed by AVE; they have been personalised specifically for this project in order to allow the proper installation and enhancement of the AVE Tekla 44 elements.

AVE includes Villa Torlonia among its references. This is a place of great historical importance, renovated through the Parco Poesia Pascoli project. In fact, it seems that the father of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, Ruggero, was commissioned to administer the Tower for the Torlonia Prince.

During the restoration, an external-wall electrical system was created, so as to preserve the ancient walls of the building. Here it’s the AVE Tekla 44 wiring accessories that embellish the system thanks to its precious matte black shade. On the remaining walls, the white Domus 100 series was used, in combination with the Young 44 front plates, for a simple and distinctive effect.

The AVE Tekla 44 and Domus 100 wiring accessories series have allowed the creation of a rational and cutting-edge electrical system. Both boast innovative plastic materials and a complete range: the techno-polymer of their elements fits discreetly into the rooms of Villa Torlonia, preserving their historical identity intact and integrating all the functions necessary to make them usable at the present day.