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Villa – Verona

An historic Italian villa of Verona gets a new splendour: a mix of classic and contemporary in which the innovative AVE toggle switches and solutions are inserted.

For this project, aimed at preserving intact the iconicity of the ancient dwelling, the elements of the AVE New Style 44 series in Corian® were used. This is a collection created to emphasize every choice of furniture through a minimalist and finely refined aesthetic. The simple geometries of the front plates welcome the AVE toggle controls, inaugurating a new contact with the switch, that is also able to offer status feedback through an incorporated illuminable gem.

The system exhibits a total white look thanks to AVE Vera 44 front plates in Corian®, which frame the wiring accessories of the Domus 100 series, whose characteristic white colour gives greater value to sockets and room thermostats.

The result is a distinctly contemporary electrical system where the AVE collections illuminate the style of this historic villa, now ready to live its second youth thanks to the unique aesthetics of the AVE levers.