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Hotel and B&B

Worldhotel Ripa Roma – Rome

Inserted in a picturesque Roman district of Trastevere, Worldhotel Ripa Roma is a design hotel where every detail has been carefully studied to create unique environments.

White is the colour that prevails in the 199 rooms of Worldhotel Ripa Roma. It is also proposed in the front plates and card readers inside the rooms. Meticulous care for details has defined precise lighting engineering solutions that are completed with sophistication through Ave products. Moulded 44 front plates of the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS Touch surround switches and power outlets with linear, glossy and precise aesthetics, but the Ave brand moves beyond pure design.

The cutting edge technology of the transponder card readers ensures a safe and reliable access system for guests to access room services by merely inserting the dedicated card in the reader. When the room is unoccupied, the electrical loads will be automatically disconnected to prevent short circuits and to reduce energy wastage.

Aesthetics, technology, safety and quality make AVE the ideal partner to create a hotel that meets all expectations, such as this magnificent design hotel in the heart of Rome.