AVE proposals for total white styles

AVE proposals for total white styles

Complete your projects at the best: refined white designs in Corian, glass and moulded combine with the best technology to give a bright and refined touch to your systems.

In recent years, the white colour is rapidly back in fashion, becoming a mood for residential, office and hotel environments, both in the furnishing and in the household appliances sector. Thanks to AVE even the electrical system can align itself with this trend. Today the Company offers a wide range of total white proposals, suitable for styles and spaces of all kinds.

Dedicated to free spirits, to those who seek true harmony in the purity of colour, AVE New Style reflects the simple geometries of its toggle controls through white solid Corian front plates. A modern evolution for genuine and minimalist open spaces.

To evoke the design of home appliances and retro furniture, New Style 44 series is also available in the white glass version with chrome-colored toggles and ferrules. The ideal solution for simplicity’s lovers and modern environments, where every detail must be perfect.

In addition to design, New Style 44 collection is also innovative for integrated technology. You can customize your commands through a complete proposal of electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status. In addition, not only the switches but also the shuko sockets recover the same innovative design, allowing architects and designers to propose aesthetically coordinated and complete solutions.

For the technology’s lovers, Vera Touch front plates in clear white glass represent a prestigious aesthetic choice to create a contemporary living space, which makes touch technology an everyday reality. Thanks to their simple design, Vera Touch front plates become technological furnishing elements. Functional light points, beautiful to admire, simple to use and therefore suitable for everyday life of a modern home.

Dedicated to youthful environments, Young Touch series stands out from current market’s proposals. It enhances design, touch technology and makes them affordable. These ultra-thin front plates are available in 15 colours, all characterized by exclusive three-dimensional effects. Among these, the white version can adapt perfectly to any type of environment.

In order to complete your electrical system, you can match New Style 44, Vera and Young Touch with Domus wiring accessories series, where white colour is exalted in all its splendour. With AVE it’s very easy to customize your rooms with total white style. Four different proposals, each devoted to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting.

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