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Apartment – Brescia

This apartment in Brescia features an innovative AVE smart system, showcasing how technology is making homes more customizable and connected. Every function is programmable to adapt to the owner’s needs, offering a tailored living experience.

This apartment exemplifies the evolution of modern houses through the integration of AVE home automation. Every aspect of the home is at the touch of a finger, thanks to sophisticated and intuitive touch control solutions. Through advanced touch screens, all the integrated functions in the system can be managed, from controlling lighting and temperature to activating the anti-intrusion system.

Elegantly embedded into walls with anthracite aluminum front plates, AVE Multi-Touch commands make interacting with the home even more high-tech. A simple tap can control lights or trigger a preset scenario. Seamlessly integrated into the system, even the video intercom aligns with the system’s design, both for indoor and outdoor stations, showcasing a dual-material aesthetic with aluminum and glass.

This Brescia apartment becomes an example of a smart and sophisticated living experience, where technology merges with aesthetics to create a cutting-edge environment that is pleasing to live in at any time of the day.