Comandi KNX - Multi Touch AVE Attico a Brescia con impianto domotico AVE Attico con domotica KNX e design AVE Impianto elettrico KNX con design AVE Comandi AVE per impianto di domotica KNX Impianto di domotica KNX con design AVE Sensore AVE per impianto elettrico Room Controller KNX AVE Punto luce KNX con design AVE Comandi AVE per impianto KNX Placche di design AVE per impianto KNX Placca touch KNX con design AVE Comandi AVE per impianto KNX - Locale bagno Comandi AVE per impianto KNX - Zona giorno Appartamento con domotica KNX e design AVE Presa AVE da esterno per impianto elettrico KNX

Penthouse – Brescia

A penthouse transforms into an authentic masterpiece of technology and style, thanks to an advanced home automation system with KNX technology and AVE design.

This apartment embodies the essence of smart living: a sophisticated environment where every aspect of the house is fully controllable with a touch. The flexibility of KNX home automation allows for customization in each room to cater to the specific needs of the residents, activating scenarios and automations with a simple tap through AVE touch switches. Each light point stands out with the elegant and minimalist aesthetics of AVE glass front plates, adding a touch of prestige to every room. But it’s not just about aesthetics – the touch technology allows for easy and seamless control of lights, scenarios, and various automations implemented in this penthouse.

Within this system, we also find the innovative AVE’s KNX Room Controller, a one-of-a-kind device that combines high-design with touch commands and OLED display, integrating both bi-zone chrono-thermostat and humidity control, as well as typical room control functions such as lights, shutters, scenarios, sound diffusion, and technological alarms.

Thanks to AVE solutions, the system designed for this penthouse showcases a perfect synergy between cutting-edge technology and high-level design, where comfort merge with elegance.