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Apartment – Desenzano del Garda (BS)


AVE touch technology enhances the KNX home automation in this Italian apartment, creating a welcoming and contemporary smart home.

The controls are discreetly concealed behind elegant glass front plates. A tap in enough to manage the associated system functionalities. The KNX architecture and its flexibility enable the handling of all possible integrated applications.

In this apartment, also AVE’s Room Controller KNX has been installed. It’s a high-design product with a 1.6″ OLED display and touch controls, that combines both bi-zone thermostat and humidistat functions, as well as typical room controls such as lights, automated shutter, scenarios, sound diffusion, and technological alarms.

AVE’s sliding front plates for outlets also seamlessly integrate into this project. These products not only enhance the aesthetics of the outlets but, thanks to AVE’s patented sliding system, ensure maximum safety when the outlets are not in use.

The total white look of the electrical system is also reflected in the AVE video intercom systemacc, featuring an internal audio/video station with a 7” color touch screen and Wi-Fi connection. A solution with a dedicated app that allows the remote answering of calls.

Attention to detail and the perfect synergy between AVE solutions and KNX home automation have transformed this smart apartment into an original blend of design and technology, further enhanced by the AVE video intercom proposal.