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House – Nocera Inferiore (SA)

Ave Touch technology is capable of providing a new connection with the switch. For example, in this house in Nocera Inferiore (SA), it enhances the electrical system with a touch of style.

The glass aesthetics of Multi-Touch product add exclusivity to the system, showcasing an elegant design and offering up to 6 independent commands for device. On the surface of the front plates, LEDs stand out guiding the user to the controls, which can be simply touched to activate the respective function.

There are sliding front plates for hidden outlets. In addition to adopting the same design as the controls, this solution – thanks to a patented system by AVE – allows the plate to literally “slide” over the outlet when it’s not in use, ensuring maximum safety.

The outlets and other functions of the system adhere to the dark tone of this project through the Tekla 44 wiring accessories series, including recessed Schuko outlets, TV outlets, and USB outlets.

AVE’s design and technology have made this electrical system unique by introducing innovative solutions, such as Multi-Touch device and sliding front plates, without compromising on practicality. A touch of style and quality.