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Villa – Lazise (VR)

This Italian villa that elegantly blends cutting-edge technology and modern design. An example of how AVE innovation seamlessly integrates into home life.

One of the distinctive features of this villa is AVE’s video intercom system, which combines advanced functionality with elegant design. The 10″ touchscreen indoor unit captures attention with its minimalist design that perfectly integrates with the house’s style. It’s an advanced device capable of monitoring IP cameras and supervising AVE home automation and anti-intrusion systems. This is in addition to the numerous features that enrich the AVE video intercom system, such as text messaging among apartments, automatic door opening upon call and the dedicated app that allows remote call answering.

Aesthetically, the electrical system is characterized by the super-thin Young 44 front plates, creating a modern and functional residential environment. Made of technopolymer, these electrical front plates adapt to any interior, enhancing the system’s functionality with their clean and linear shapes. The white color aesthetically coordinates with the AVE Domus 100 series of switches, sockets, and innovative touch-sensitive commands, further enhanced by LEDs that change color according to the control’s status.

The synergy between AVE technology and design transforms the electrical system of this villa into a refined blend of style and modernity, tailored to the habits of its residents.