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Apartment – Nocera Inferiore (SA)

AVE home automation is capable of meeting the technological needs of any living space. In this Italian apartment, an advanced home automation system has been implemented, offering comfort and functionality aimed at enhancing the quality of living.

Lighting, temperature, and energy management are just a few of the home automation features of this system, easily controllable through the switches, the touch screen supervisor or the Ave Cloud app. The scenario function allows the activation of different comfort settings with a single command. Additionally, thanks to integration with the sound diffusion system, enhanced by AVE speakers, even music becomes smart.

Aesthetically, the system showcases a total white look. The elements of the Domus 100 wiring accessories series fit into the Vera 44 and Young 44 front plates, complementing high-tech solutions such as the aforementioned touch screen supervisor and the Ave Touch controls, enhanced by the Vera Touch glass plates and the Young Touch plates in technopolymer. It should be noted also the solution with hidden sockets: a system patented by AVE allows the plate to slide over the socket when not in use, providing additional protection.

The installation of the professional AVE home automation system in this apartment represents a perfect example of how technology can improve the quality of living, offering solutions that meet the needs of any room and transform it into a smart, functional, and comfortable environment.