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Apartment – Cava de’ Tirreni (SA)

AVE home automation and design characterize this elegant Italian apartment of Cava de’ Tirreni, in the province of Salerno, inaugurating a new way of living thanks to high technology.

Among contemporary furnishings and aesthetic choices, AVE DOMINA Smart home automation is the protagonist thanks to its innovative 15″ touch screen which allows complete supervision and management of every single automation implemented in the system, simply by navigating through the virtual environments that make up the apartment and interacting with their functions.

Lights, dimmer, temperature management, scenarios and the various automations inserted in the system can also be easily managed with the AVE Cloud app or through voice commands, thanks appropriate configurations, with the most common virtual assistants from related apps and smart speakers.

Each function can also be managed through the Ave Touch controls, that embellish the home automation system of this elegant apartment. Hidden behind elegant black glass front plates, the switches are identified through luminous symbols that you just need to touch.

AVE home automation, aesthetics and cutting-edge solutions in this project merge with IoT, revealing a unique interpretation of smart home, extremely personalized and elegant, where luxury meets comfort in order to adapt to needs and habits of the people who live in it.