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Hotel and B&B

Hotel La Chiave dei Trabocchi – San Vito Chietino (CH)

Placed in a prestige location with sea view terrace and private beach, the Hotel La Chiave dei Trabocchi integrates the innovative AVE solutions to offer excellence services.

This hotel adopts a sophisticated room’s access system thanks to the avant-garde AVE card readers for hotel management with MIFARE® technology for a greater security and the highest reading performance. These devices guarantee also the maximum energy saving: when the room is unoccupied, all the unnecessary loads are disconnected in order to avoid energy waste.

Also from an aesthetically point of view AVE enhances this hotel. Perfectly coordinated with the card readers, all the elements of the electrical system – thermostats, switches, sockets, etc.- are placed to create a cutting-edge solution. The white is the colour that characterizes all the rooms of Hotel La Chiave dei Trabocchi, so each wiring accessory is white (Domus 100) as the front plates (Moulded 44) that surround it in order to create a coherent and refined overall project.