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Villa – Paglieta (CH)

This villa of Paglieta, in the Italian province of Chieti, integrates the advanced AVE DOMINA plus home automation system to achieve the highest standards in terms of comfort and security.

The distinctive feature is the large TS05 supervisor with 15″ display, the top of the range of the DOMINA plus Touch Screen. Enriched by an elegant black glass frame, this device makes it possible to navigate virtually between the rooms of the house and comfortably manage every element integrated in the system: lights, doors and windows, zone temperature, anti-intrusion, scenarios, etc.

To make this home even more technological, there are also the innovative Allumia Touch switches. To recall the various automations, it’s thus sufficient to touch the surface of these elegant aluminium plates in correspondence with the LEDs that identify the controls. Recalling a scenario is so simple as turning the light ON/OFF thanks to AVE.