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Home – Brescia

Positioned in a residential area of ​​great prestige, this Brescia home becomes the symbol of a new smart way of thinking about the house: a contemporary reading for spaces outside the box, open to the modern possibilities now offered by technology. is that the rooms of this villa have been chosen as setting for the video of the new IoT ready AVE home automation system.

Near to the entrance, we find two home automation supervisor devices: the exclusive DOMINA plus Touch Screen TS05 with 15” display and the mini version with 4.3” display TS01. Thanks to these devices it’s possible to manage the entire home: doors, windows, gates, shutters, lights, temperature, IP-cams, anti-intrusion system and the load control for energy saving.

In this AVE smart home it’s very easy control each automation. Not only via touch screen but also from the refined multi-touch switches that can manage up to 6 independent command. Aesthetically their glass front plates are coordinated with the Vera 44 frames that surround socket, thermostat and all the visible elements of wiring accessories series AVE Domus 100.

With AVE, design and home automation come together. A synergy that inaugurates in this Brescia house a new concept of living: a smart home with a welcoming face, free from any scheme, intuitive, avant-garde, conformed to the needs of contemporary man.