Abitazione - Francavilla al Mare (CH Touch Screen domotica AVE abbinato a comandi touch Presa a scomparsa AVE con placca in vetro Interruttore touch AVE con placca personalizzata Presa elettrica per bagno AVE Abitazione con domotica AVE Termostato domotico con placca in vetro bianco AVE Presa a scomparsa AVE con installazione a filo-muro Interruttore a scomparsa nel muro Interruttore touch con design in vetro Termostato domotico AVE con installazione a filo-muro Interruttore touch AVE a filo muro in vetro Interruttore Multi-touch AVE in vetro Interruttori touch AVE filo-muro Supervisore domotico AVE con placca bianca Touch Screen domotica AVE per abitazione Francavilla al Mare (CH)

House – Francavilla al Mare (CH)

AVE DOMINA plus home automation inaugurate a new concept of comfort in this house in Francavilla al Mare (CH). Indeed, through trendy Touch Screen supervisors, owners can control every aspect of the house, from lights to window and door fittings, from temperature to ventilation, up to management of advanced functions, such as control of electrical loads and scenarios.

Along with home automation, this project integrates clear white glass touch front plates from the Vera Touch series. Ultra-flat, with a pure sophisticated design, these front plates merge into the walls like genuine integrated furnishing accessories. Flush-wall installation ensures zero millimetres of projection. The electrical system has, instead, been completed with the Wiring Accessories Series Domus 100, whose white hue perfectly matches the installed front plates and home automation supervisors.