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Maiano’s Tower – Fiesole (FI)

Today Maiano’s Tower is a refined luxury suite conceived by the inventive spirit of famous architect Simone Micheli and of Count Miari Fulcis, owner of the adjacent Farm. This facility uses AVE solutions to concretise a carefully studied and intelligent upgrading project.

Simone Micheli has chosen controls from the Vera Touch clear white series. Touch technology thus enters the walls of this Neogothic tower, conveying a new contact with the switch. Perfectly matching the controls, the hidden sliding front plates also meet use and safety requirements. A patented system that literally “slides” the front plate on the power outlet enhances safety for guests.

Immersed in the suggestive landscape of the hills between Fiesole and Florence – the same sites that, centuries ago, welcomed figures such as Leonardo Da VinciMichelangeloVasari and Lorenzo the Magnificent – today the Maiano’s Tower is a magnificent luxury suite organised in four floors. An artfully revisited and refurbished space that opens its doors to a new concept of hospitality between present, past and future. A project in which AVE products become the technological emblem of hospitality.


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