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Ottica Columbus – Maserà di Padova (PD)

DOMINA plus by AVE is a home automation proposal studied to meet every need. DOMINA plus  provides a large number of functions to manage any residential facility or facilities in the services sector, such as this one.

cutting-edge home automation system has been created at the centre Ottica Columbus in Maserà di Padova. The entire facility’s control point and interactive centre is the supervisor TS01, a mini Touch Screen with 4.3” LCD display  that can perform the most advanced automation functions. By simply touching an icon, the user can manage the most basic functions, such as control the lights, adjust brightness with a dimmer, implement multi-zone management of temperature and of air conditioners, and even the most complex functions, such as supervision and control of anti-intrusion systems or opening and closure of the main electrical systems.

The centre Ottica Columbus in Maserà di Padova features only the best AVE technology. Perfectly integrated with AVE’s home automation proposal, the anti-intrusion station presents a master touch screen keypad with backlighting and vocal guidance with information for both the installer and the final user. It facilitates the user experience to the utmost.

AVE combines avant-garde technology always with design solutions, the strong point of all AVE’s production. Moulded 44 front plates, white with white frame, elegantly surround the control devices of Ave Touch with light up key cover, all elements of the Wiring Accessories Series Domus Touch, completing the rest of the system in total continuity also with the universal boxes IP40 for mini-canals.