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Hotel and B&B

Resort L’aja della Mirusina – Canelli (AT)

Inserted among the piedmontese vineyards of the Monferrato, L’aja della Mirusina transforms an historic villa into a relais de charme thanks to a renovation where the electrical system is protagonist through AVE solutions and designs.

In this very careful interior design project, each switch stands out thanks to the ultra-modern Young 44 front plates, that here are declined in the exclusive 3D clear carbon version. It’s a sophisticated aesthetic variant, obtained through a revolutionary treatment called “3D COLOR” which defines the particular three-dimensional effect maintaining the ultra-thin design of the plate.

In this way, the electrical system takes on greater visibility participating as a piece of furniture in the well-kept interior design project. Thus each function is emphasized guaranteeing guests full recognition of the controls and sockets. The same recognizability is also ensured even in the dark thanks to the presence of lightable switches.

The AVE designs and innovative solutions are inserted within L’aja della Mirusina to give a unique experience of relaxation and comfort in the enchanting Canelli (AT), a municipality that was designated – together with its famous Asti Spumante – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.