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Casa Felice – Fossano (CN)

Casa Felice is an original place where art, restaurant, spa and entertainment combine to define an exceptional experience of relaxation and recreation in Fossano, in the province of Cuneo. It’s an inclusive and eclectic container, where the electrical system also participates in the definition of a simply unique environment thanks to the innovative AVE toggle controls.

Here AVE New Style 44 concepts combine toggle controls with aluminium front plates. Emblem of modernity and of that new trend that aims at the rediscovery and aesthetic enhancement of the past, the AVE toggle controls offer switches that can be illuminated with relative status feedback to define a new contact with light and rooms.

Perfectly coordinated with the command proposals, AVE New Style 44 front plates for power sockets have the same aesthetics as those for switches, combining with the Zama 44 metal front plates to create an electrical system that meets every need thanks to the elements of matt black Tekla 44 wiring accessories series.

Inside an extraordinary venue like Casa Felice, the AVE toggle controls become part of an original project, where everything is designed to offer an artistic, aesthetic and relaxing experience.