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Hotel and B&B

Ripetta Palace – Rome

Ripetta Palace is the ideal place to experience the luxury of the eternal City once again, or merely to be inspired by its history. Indeed, this hotel stands in a privileged position, in the heart of Rome.

All rooms and suites have been carefully studied to achieve the ideal combination of comfort and luxury. Every detail has been designed to offer the highest standards of an intentionally 100% Italian design.

For control points and power outlets, this facility relies on Ave and on the Wiring Accessories Series Life 44. By choosing Vera absolute black front plates, Ripetta Palace has added a sophisticated touch to its walls without disrupting the overall design. This series perfectly merges into the modern furnishings of Ripetta Palace without clashing with the curtains and tapestries that are charmingly inspired by the millenary origins of Rome.

Situated a short distance from Piazza del Popolo, Ripetta Palace has successfully exploited Ave to enhance its suites with the echo of Roman luxury, keeping the history of its city alive.