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Hotel and B&B

Hotel 4 Stagioni – Bardolino (VR)

A short distance from Lake Garda, Hotel 4 Stagioni is the ideal solution for a couple on holiday. By building a spa within its premises, this luxury hotel encourages relaxation while savouring the magnificent view of Lake Garda, on whose Veronese shores this magnificent hotel is situated. Each room is artfully furnished to ensure the utmost comfort for guests and the best solutions.

Hotel 4 Stagioni has integrated the Series Domus 100 by Ave, a collection whose design turns power outlets and control points into genuine furnishing elements, a refined and modern solution.

With its clear white touch front plates, the Ave Touch collection perfectly merges with the beige and cream hues of the headboards of beds and with the curtains. The simple design of the series Domus 100 adapts practically to every furnishing solution, while the technology and functional features of the touch front plates confirms, once again, the exclusive charm of this facility.

Situated in the historical heart of Bardolino, Hotel 4 Stagioni offers one of the best occasions for a weekend holiday for couples or for a restful holiday exploring the towns of Lake Garda.