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Villa – Lonigo (VI)

This modern smart home welcomes the best of AVE home automation, valuable solutions and technologies to give a new contact with the home.

The touch screen supervisors intervene to dominate the scene offering infinite possibilities for control. It’s possible to manage the temperature, the windows, access the consumption graph, view ip-cam images, turn on or off individual lights or the lighting of the entire house. Through the scenario function, with a single command, it’s even possible to recall multiple actions at the same time so as to immediately have the ideal atmosphere for experiencing any environment.

In this Italian home, design also plays a fundamental role. Alongside the touch screen supervisors, we find the advanced multi-touch controls, combined with customized glass front plates with wall-lined installation. Through these devices it’s possible to manage the sophisticated lighting system and call up the various home automation functions simply by touching the relative icon shown on the plate surface.

To complete the system we opted for the elements (sockets, thermostats, sensors,…) of AVE Domus 100 white series inserted inside glass front plates with the same design of the multi-touch controls.