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Apartment – Villafranca (VR)

Situated in the Villafranca municipality, in the Verona province, this house is studied to the last detail. Its details are what define the careful, elegant and warm customized traits.

Every room has pure lines enhanced by elements that link the rooms without interruption. The extensive selection of AVE solutions in the Wiring Accessories Series Allumia include lighting controls, hidden power outlets, step marker lights and environmental thermostat. Surrounded by elegant natural brushed aluminium plates, these devices contribute towards the project’s unity by resembling precious furnishing objects both inside and outside the house.

The kitchen and bathroom have hidden sliding front plates, a system patented by AVE to slide the plate on the power outlet, thus increasing safety for the users and, especially, for children. Along the stairs there are step marker lights that, distinguished by the high efficiency blue colour LED, ensure visibility even in the dark. Environmental temperature control is assigned to the electronic thermostat from which the user can adjust the desired temperature by using the buttons and backlighted display.

Instead, a mere touch will suffice to control the lights. By lightly touching the Touch controls of the aluminium plates, the user can adjust the lighting. This exclusive customized feature makes the house modern and sophisticated.